A Best Practices law firm. Every day at Goldberg Segalla, we are guided by our mission to be a Best Practices firm. We pride ourselves on following client guidelines and exceeding client expectations. We have also invested in Best Practices in numerous other ways, including implementing systems that reward the team over the individual, thereby helping us achieve our goal of exceptional client service.


At Goldberg Segalla, we’ll never send two attorneys to a meeting when one can do the job. We appreciate your concerns about the cost of legal services, which is why we staff your case with the right people — not just a lot of people. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find that our attorneys don’t have minimum billing requirements. They are driven by what you need, not the need to put more hours on your case.

As recognition of this practice, our firm was one of the first in the nation to be invited into the Council for Ethical Billing, now known as the Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance. The CLM is a nonpartisan alliance of professionals representing corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and service providers who are committed to furthering the highest standards of claims and litigation management. We are proud to uphold the values of the CLM as an active member, with several of our attorneys serving in leadership roles in the organization. In fact, Richard J. Cohen, Goldberg Segalla’s Managing Partner, is Chairman Emeritus of CLM’s National Committee, whose members serve as ambassadors between the CLM and the claims and litigation management industries.

We’re proud that our actions were recognized by our colleagues, but we’re even more proud of our long-term relationships with numerous clients, who recognize the ongoing value we deliver.


These days, many firms do everything possible to stay out of court. In fact, only 1–2 percent of cases ever go to trial. At Goldberg Segalla, we were founded by litigators, so we have the experience to know which cases should settle — and which should not. We will never take a case to trial if it’s not in your best interests. But when the stakes are high and you need a firm that won’t blink, you can count on Goldberg Segalla's innovative and goal-oriented approach to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Any law firm can say they put their clients first. We mean it. We track every case, every step of the way. We return your phone calls and emails 24-seven. And we work tirelessly to resolve your concerns efficiently and responsibly. By following this Best Practices model and holding ourselves to the highest standards, we are consistently able to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Every quarter, there’s an expectation that you’re going to update your product line, lower your costs, or find some other way to improve your business. So why would you use a law firm that doesn’t do the same?

The attorneys at Goldberg Segalla spend countless hours each month staying abreast of the latest issues facing each area of practice. We attend the industry trade shows. We read blogs. We serve on boards. Then, we keep you informed by publishing over a dozen newsletters (for 10,000-plus readers), writing numerous white papers, editing books, creating Twitter feeds, and much, much more.

If there’s a particular topic you want to learn more about, we’ll even set up a seminar in your office (and no, we won’t bill you for it). This constant flow of new information helps us be better attorneys — and gives you a real strategic advantage within your industry.